Monday, May 31, 2010

Should i accept??

assalamualaikum..konnichiwa..guten tag~~

today's i got a request from someone that i knew for so long..actually this person i just deleted him from friend list in FB account...because this person should carrying on with his life and so am i..
it has been long we haven't contacted each other...and not even say a 'hi' to me..and then expect me to say hi to that person first?HELL NO!!!
why am i the only one who always the first to start the too have a PRIDE ok??
and later told me that i'm being too emotional??me EMOTIONAL??haha..may be and may be not..if he cares about me as his FRIEND..he should KNOW BETTER!!and added me as his friend sooner not today??OMO!!and he said to my deary friend Amoi :"nad merajuk"..
so what??why now???why not a day after i got removed him and he do nothing..nmpak sgt la yg die kisah ap??

somebody out there..should i accept him??or just ignore him..huhu....
actually i love all my friends whether boys or long as they really 'ikhlas' to be friend with me and it's fine for me then..and they should not ignore!!



Messy iha said...

dat guy bkn yg ko cite kt aku kn?hehe

polaris star* said...

ni bkn guy yg try nk market diri die..this is my long last friend yg cbe nk lpekan mmber die...

Light of honor said...

maybe masa nad removekn die, die x pasan lg
at least he has an effort...unlike mine yg mmg x pasan n jalani idup cm bese jek...wargh feeling like killing him..ngee
neway nad pk masak2 tau...jgn dikecewakan lg

polaris star* said...

kte dh puas marah die..huhu..x tau la cmne blik m'sia nnt..huhu..
tp..kte akn sentiase ingt yg die tu dh ad awek so...xde la keciwa sgt mcm dl..huhu..

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