Tuesday, June 29, 2010

another achievement~

assalamualaikum..konichiwa...guten tag..
hihihi..i made another achievement today by changing other song in my playlist..hihihihi..this is few songs that i frequently listen to lately...hihihi...credits to my dearest friend and my big brother for don't stop believing..hihihihi...i hope you like it while reading my blog...zehi itadashumi kitte kudasai~


assalamualaikum..kombanwa...guten morgan..
today my brother played a song title "don't stop believing"
it really did work on me..suddenly i feel more semangat to go to the class next week..and my first subject on that day is the put together the video and the lyrics:
enjoy and understand the meaning and soon u'll feel it..(^^)

Don't Stop Believin'
- Journey

Just a small town girl
Living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train going anywhere
Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train going anywhere

A singer in a smoky room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on

Strangers, waiting, up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlight people, living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night

Working hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Paying anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on


Don't stop believing
Hold on to that feeling
Streetlight people

p/s>this video is remake by their fans..hahaha...(org len wat kay..)


assalamualaikum..kombanwa...guten abend..
i just remembered my friend had taught me few selawat that she learnt from one of nasheed group in Malaysia which is Nowseeheart..i love their nasheed..huuhuhu...nice and suit with me..hihihi.
ok...the selawat are;
>selawat pelindung diri
>selawat murah rezeki
>selawat pelindung diri
and my favourite is the selawat pelindung diri..
here is the selawat..hope that we all can practice in our daily life..insya Allah we will be protected by Him (^^)-luv Him so much!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010



assalamualaikum..kombanwa..guten nacht~

this about my reunion with my ex-schoolmate during primary has been 8 years we've been our own path..this year,one of my friend appointed that this reunion should carried out as many of us are now having their semester break(malaysia)..but we were really sorry for those in Egypt and Australia...the interesting part is..this year 2010 is the year for the FIFA fever..and i remind me back to year 2002 where we were supposed preparing ourself for the biggest examination at that time UPSR..where later it leads us to our present destination...

during that time the FIFA was held in Japan and South Korea..i was at that time a fan of Japan's team and my friends with their Brazil,Senegal and Germany...we had argued about the game whenever the teacher was not in the class...

our first reunion was in that time it was idea from Abu Zar and Aziz...that was my first time, I met with my ex-classmate 6 amal...but still haven't got any chances to meet my secret admire....hihihi....for me the person that changed a lot was Abu Zar..he was so short at that time...sorry Abu if you read my he's kinda taller than me..and that make so jealous about you..hahaha...after the reunion,people that i still contact is Nur Syarina,Anis Na'azira and Abu Zar...hihihi...

but this year 2010..Aziz had organize another reunion...hihihi....this time we opened to any SKDB-batch UPSR'02...and alhamdulillah..the reunion was successful and i was really enjoyed hang out with you guys...

for starting, we ta'aruf..while waiting for our last just Jasmin..she was the one who came last..hihi...anyway,she finally managed to put herself present on that day..hihihi..hontoni arigatou gozaimashita!!!

after ta'aruf,we had our lunch..while eating we were exchanging stories and took some photos as memories..hihi...after that, we were playing bowling..but taking photos is still compulsory..hahaha..look at Aziz and Zulyadain..this photo supposed only for girls..but since Aziz is loved to be 'mencapap' he is..captured in this photo..hihihi...(Aziz hasn't changed so much in his character-happy and love to laugh out loud...hihi)
here,i celebrated with Jasmin for my first strike...hihi...hontoni ureshii..(^^)
however,bowling game won by the guys..hahaha...Aziz was the one who got first strike for the guys...and after that, the rest followed Aziz in achieving their score for the guys was about 600+..whereas the ladies..only managed score about 300+..huhuhu...well,the most important was..we were really enjoying ourself playing together...(^^)..
soon after we finished the bowling game..we proceed to the exchanging the presents among us..because our friend Akram had to go home..
later, we took a photo of us...and we upload this photo in FB.we also not forgotten to other members of 6 amal that can't join with us as they are furthering their studies in abroad like Abu Zar,Ahmad Syafieq(Cairo,Egpyt),Ikhwan(Toyama,Japan) and also Amirah Safwah(Perth,Australia)..and also others who unable to present on that day due to their families bussiness...
i really miss you guys so much..may be Insya day we'll be held another reunion open to the batch SKDB-UPSR'02...insya Allah...still in plannning.....
in this coming reunion for 6 amal,we'll plan for breaking fast together in August..insya Allah...hope everything is going to be as plan...

here, i put together a video clip by UNIC-KAWAN(FRIEND)
this song really have strong meaning in the name of 'FRIENDSHIP'...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Berita Harian Online | Pemberhentian biasiswa luar negara tanda universiti tempatan diiktiraf

Berita Harian Online | Pemberhentian biasiswa luar negara tanda universiti tempatan diiktiraf
-ulasan..ok gak...bley kemudahan di universiti bley dinaiktarafkan..huhu..bley la ak menikmati kemudahn belajar dgn best..dgn itu standard pembelajaran di malaysia mungkin satu hari nnt setaraf dgn ipt di luar negara....xde la erkilan sgt x dpt blajr ke luar negara..huhu..ak harap sgt kt U ak blajar ni kemudahn di makmal dinaiktaraf..
selesa la gak nk wat experiment..huhu...asyik2 ak nye lab jer B-..huhu..sedihkan...bukan ak nk menuduh mne2..kan..ak ni dh la moody ckit...huhu..but i really hope next smester nye lab ok..huhu...

Friday, June 11, 2010



June’s lies and the truth in front of my eyes are put away in sepia tones
Nestling close to one another, warmth; I don’t understand those things anymore

“You’ll be fine on your own… right?” you said, forcing it upon me and then you said goodbye
If it’s going to be that kind of consolation then I should be tired of hearing it by now

Endlessly ringing; the merciless memories seem to have no intention of forgiving me
If i close my eyes they will only grow surrounding me at a distance you laugh

Will the rain ever stop, I wonder? For a pretty long time now it’s been cold
Why does the rain choose me? Why does it choose me who has nowhere to escape to?

Time intrudes on the new morning I finally found
The direction I face is not the future I kept chasing after the past

You, who gave me a new start by your consolations and the hateful and cowardly me
It’s about time… Fumbling, my troubles spill down my tired cheeks

Eyes that don’t want to know the past and fingers that can wash it all away
Scars heal at a gentle pace; at an unreachable distance that seems to be within reach

Will the rain ever stop, I wonder? For a pretty long time now it’s been cold
Why does the rain choose me? I wonder if it’s ok to let it cover me

The rain keeps on falling today as well knowing no end
While we quietly nestle together under the umbrella I hold


Rokugatsu no uso  me no mae no hontou  sepia ni shimaikomi
Yorisou to ka  nukumori to ka  wakaranaku natteta

“Kimi wa hitori de heiki dakara… ne” to  oshitsukete  sayonara
Sono tagui no kiyasume nara  kikiakita hazu na no ni

Nariyamanai  youshanai omoidetachi wa  yurushitekuresou ni mo nai
Me wo tojireba  ikioi wa masu bakari de  toomaki de  kimi ga warau

Ame wa  itsuka yamu no deshou  zuibun nagai aida  tsumetai
Ame wa  doushite boku wo erabu no  nigeba no nai  boku wo erabu no

Yatto mitsuketa  atarashii asa wa  tsukihi ga jama wo suru
Mukau saki wa  ”tsugi” ja nakute  ”sugi” bakari oikaketa

Nagusame kara  kikkake wo kureta kimi to  urameshiku  kowagari na boku
Sorosoro ka na  tesaguri  tsukareta hou wo  kattou ga koboreochiru

Kako wo shiritagaranai hitomi  arainagashite kureru yubi
Yasashii hohaba de  iyasu kizuato  todokisou de  todokanai kyori

Ame wa  itsuka yamu no deshou  zuibun nagai aida  tsumetai
Ame wa  doushite boku wo erabu no  tsutsumarete  ii ka na

Ame wa  yamu koto wo shirazu ni  kyou mo furitsuzuku keredo
Sotto  sashidashita kasa no naka de  nukumori ni  yorisoi nagara