Saturday, December 18, 2010


assalamualaikum...ohaiyou gozaimasu...guten morgen...

hisashiburi...this time my entry i just wanna share my feelings...hihi...that's the use blog for me...hehe like a diary but can be read by people...

okay...during my vacation to Johor Bahru...i spend my day in my cousin's house as i have to stay here for about a week..hehehe..while my parents and m aniki...they are staying in Batu Pahat..this is because i just want to spend my holidays with me dearest kakak...i called her kakak...hehehe...before she engage in this coming December...

what make my holiday is worth is just because my cousin let me hear the foreign radio channel..x fm which it has various language such as japanese(my favourite language), korean, Deutsch and etc...
thanks IQA....i luv you so much!!

sometimes i wish that malaysia radio channel would do this kind kind of program....when i was 12 or  maybe 11 years old...the have japanese slot it was called SUBARASHII BANGUMI..the DJ was NANI-SAN...she was superb while handling that show..she even taught the listener how to talk in japanese a little bit....i remembered she taught how to deliver wish in japanese for Mother's Day..

sweet huh??
i still remember this few lines of words...
sometimes is quite nice to change the mood by listening to other different music and a little bit relax while i listening to japanese language despite of english, malay and korean..:P

my favourite japanese artist are ARASHI, UTADA HIKARU, SHIROTA YU, etc...

i cant describe all of them...hahahaha...
but in other words...i love their lyrics very motivating...and the music really suit to my soul.and sometimes i cried eventhough i haven't read the lyrics yet...but yet i able to understand a little bit japanese because now i'm taking the foreign language and japanese is my choice...
i really thanked to Allah for giving me chances to learn this language..even thiugh i did not get my dream course.(M@$%#%)..sorry i can state that..huhuhu..private there...only to my closes friend would be able to guess that..:P..ceh2x...

okay right now i'm listening to one of utada hikaru's song:
amai okashi kieta ato ni wa
sabishisou na otokonoko
kumo hitotsu nai Summer Day

hi ni yaketa teashi
shiroi one piece ga
yogoreyouga okamai nashi
muishiki no rakuen

yume no owari ni matta wa nashi
aru hi kimi no na o shitta

So Goodbye Loneliness
koi no uta kuchizusan de
anata no hitomi ni utsuru
watashi wa waratte iru wa

So Goodbye Happiness
nani mo shirazu ni hashai de ta
ano koro e wa modore nai ne
soredemo ii no
Love me

kangae sugi tari
yake okoshi cha ike nai
kodomo damashi sa bukiyou nan sa

hito wa hitori ni natta toki ni

[ From: ]

ai no imi ni kizukun da

suki sa Each days
yashashii uta o kikasete
deatta koro no kimochi o
ima demo oboetemasu ka

So good bye innocence
nani mo shirazu ni hashai de ta
ano koro e wa mou modore nai ne
kimi no sei da yo
Kiss me

Oh banbutsu ga meguri meguru
Oh oh oh darling darling dare ka ni nani ka
etari shimasen Only you

arinomama de ikite yuketara ii yo ne
daiji na toki mou hitori no watashi gajoa o suru no

So good bye happiness
nani mo shirazu ni hashai de ta
ano koro e modori tai ne
Baby soshite mouichido Kiss me
zehi ittadashumi kitte kudasai...

i hope you like it..:P

~a.D.a.M vol 2~

assalamualaikum....konnichiwa..guten tag...

this entry i just wanna let it out all my thought and probably i can share with the people who read my blog....

first of all..
i may use harsh language whether in English...Bahasa..Japanese..or maybe in Deutsch as well.... begin like this....during my semester break..i tried join few chat my first thought i just wanna be friendly....and later, it didn't turn out as i expected...
because most of them probably people who desperate to get free sex and free show from the girls who willingly to open their shirt and let the guys to see theirs $#@...i can't say it clearly here...
and i think you probably guess what is it anyway..huhuhu....
whenever people who buzz on my ym...they will ask the same question before any normal introduction started...but they will ask these:
A: r u notty?
polaris: i'm definitely la not notty!!!!KONO YARO!!
B:jom wc??@ jom c2c??
polaris:sorry..i dont have wc...because i use pc..not my deary lappy...
C:r u open minded??
polaris:open minded??like what??and it depends on topic that will be talking about..BAKA!!

look on those questions given by them and all my answers...
i just wanna say CURSE THEM!!BAKA JANA!!

most people who join this chat room...they give their reason because they are DAMN BORING and they want something that would entertain themselves by chatting about SEX..and their reasons were it was fun and good...

guys are ALWAYS SAME!!
don't shock if i say the girls are same too....this is because these girls mis-leaded by the people who suppose to lead them the right path...but i'm not gonna tell you about this..

but what make them differences are their IMAN...
 yeah that's the most important!!

i think that's all the part about them...and what i learnt from it...

i dunno whether the cyber love is relevant or not in our days...
but some people it does help them...
but for me..
i don't know...because the result hasn't turn out like what people told us...
and it is not easy as we expect coz it needs TRUST!!!
if it does....i'll tell you later...HEHE..:p
hopefully..everything gonna be alright....