Wednesday, April 20, 2011

luahan rase hati

assalamualaikum...guten abend..konnichiwa....

dh lame x update blog ni...kalo blog ni bilik totally berhabuk dan bersawang...:P
this time my entry is just want to say something that just cross on my mind after i've been looking on somebody else picture in facebook...(oppss..i'm totally a stalker..hahaha)

some of my friends have good time with their life with their 'tersayang' @ love one (except family for sure they will happy together with family). happy together folks!!!!

lately i have been wondering is it wrong to fall in love before you get married??? few videos regarding love after marriage stated that it's much sweeter than love before marriage..cause you can do whatever you want it without thinking about sins..yeah!! damn sure it that you can get to know each other deeply...well, what about love before marriage???they stated that it will cause lots of problems which are zina mata..zina hati...zina and, how people going to know each other if they don't start with like to someone???aarghh....hontoni muzukashii desu ne....(it's really hard!!!)
 tp....ap yang aku akan buat ialah mendiamkan diri jer..pendamkan dalam diri jer...simpan jer...nak kate rindu idok ler...cume suka dlm hati....andai ada jodoh..Alhamdulillah...:)

just nak share lagu daripada maroon five...

miss their music...hehehe....