Sunday, January 30, 2011


it's mid-term break..yeay!!!
actually i'm not so excited for having holidays because the classes are just started in 4 weeks.and i dont know why people are so excited with holidays unless they are Chinese and i can understand..:P

well to all my chinese friends..i wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!!
the holidays is about a am i gonna spend my holidays???
the answer is by finishing all my assignment and the lab reports!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


assalamualaikum...guten abend...kombanwa!!!

this time i just wanna share new song but it is not really a new song released out from radio in just a new song that i have heard last 2-3 days ago...
 it is a malay song...
and for your information...i don't use to listen malay song very just not because i don't like listen malay song...i do sometime listen to it but just few songs that i like....i mean few singers that i like...but i think i don't have to put it on here...hehehe~
 but i prefer the old songs la...coz my mum always force me to listen to it...huhu~
however just wanna share with you that lately i listen to this song... from M.Nasir
i love to hear his song....:)
Kau yang berselindung
Di balik sutra
Warnamu pelangi
Engkau mustika hati
Pesona cinta
Mahligai rindu
Malam dingin yang kejam
Aku tiada gentar
Kerna cintamu
Misteri alam yang terbongkar
Lena jadi sedar
Kerna kasihmu

Yang dulu ku cari
Rupa-rupanya ada di sini
Dan yang bermain di mimpi
Menjelmalah engkau dalam realiti

Dulu lalu depan mata
Tapi ku tak hirau
Ku Tak peduli
Tapi setelah ku tahu
Hanya engkau teman
Kau tak ku lepaskan

Mustika, oh... mustika
Mestikah aku menjadi penanti
Pelukan sakti cinta sucimu
Aku tak sabar menantikan esok hari
Bawalah daku bersamamu
Oh, mustika hatiku
Mustika, oh... mustika

kitte kudasai....(^^)
the music is composed very beautifully...with the angklong,keroncong,etc..i don't know...but like i said..
i love this song so much..
and guess what this song is one of the song that competed during AJL in 1990(the year where i born)

so i hope you'll like it when hear this song..:)

Monday, January 17, 2011


i'm done buying all the references..

all i have to do is focus on study...


~zehi kitte kudasai~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A.T.T.E.N.T.I.O.N注意 !!!!


:::think again for you future:::

the fourth semester

assalamualaikum....konichiwa...und guten tag....

this is my second week of my forth semester..the time passes really fast right!!
yeah and now we are in the year 2011..most of us may have few wishes that you have targeted for this year..
for me...i have few wishes that i'm hoping that will turn out well..
here i have put on my wishes:
  • i'm really try to loose my weight again...eventhough this wish i keep on saying since last year..:P-lets go to the gym

  • trying to improve my CGPA(towards to 3.5 and above) and focus on my study (sensei...yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!)

  • trying not to repeat the same mistakes again...

  • wanna fall in love....(Allah definitely!!...human...yes it is)-love please be kind to me...<3( owh love please kind to me)

but the first and the last wishes..can i make it for this year???
i wish someone can push me and so i can manage to full fill my dream...huhuhu~
dare ga tasukette!!!

here also for the love...
n also

ganbatte kudasai ne polaris-chan!!!
P/S => i really love to hear jpop keeps me a happy mode for my day....hehehe..anyway credit to ARASHI...luv ya so much!!!

素晴らしい夢~ (Subarashii yume)

assalamualaikum..konnichowa und guten tag!!

here..i just wanna say that i dream about Matsumoto Jun....just dunno just happened so..

the best part was i was holding his hand...and his hand was so cold..probably he came from japan and that country right now....still in the season of winter...that's why his hand cold...(ahaks..)

i really hoping that dream will be happen in my real he'' be mine forever..hahahaha..i'm too full with my imagination right now...
i guess i can't help controlling myself when i'm thinking about Matsumoto..hahahaha...especially when he play character as Domyouji Tsukasa....just love it!!!

i know some people he's look like a pretty boy...but for me'SO WHAT??'
you think you're better enough than him??if so...why don't you beat him anyway and try to win million of his die hard fan....
hahahahaha~ i bet you can't do that..hahahhaha

here i put some of his photos...
cukup jer la kowt yg ni..byk2 kan bahaya...hahahha~
that's all folks...da....
mata aimasho!!