Saturday, May 22, 2010

the search

assalamualaikum..konnichiwa..guten tag..
hehehe..a day before yesterday i tied to search a person that i really wanna know his name..this is because during my matriculation i always seen this guy...during my first semester i matrix m and my friend,juliana usually go to the library during day, there was a group came to library and they sat near to our first i just ignored them..but then,they kinda don't understand that when u get into the library we shouldn't make any noise right??
but these guys...hampeh...
the next day,they came again to the library....sometime ,this guy sat next to my table and sometimes he sat far from my table..but still i just night..i told jue about this guy..
one night, he came to the library alone....and sat next to my table and opposite which he can see my face...jue put a nickname on that guy as 'alanto'..when jue wanted to go koop with her friend she said to me,"ko borak la ngan alanto ko ni"..i said "xnk la..ak nk fokus blajr la..x nk pikir2 psl mende2 cmni"..ever since then that guy never showed up to the library during really makes me wonder..why he didn't come to the library again..i feel regret also..hihi..(gatal tol ak ni..)i also asked my friends opinions why that guy acted like that..most of the opinions told me that maybe that had a crushed with me..but when i thought back..maybe he had a crushed with jue...but jue didn't mention any word that might he pull back his action..i don't know...till now it become a question for me and where do i gonna find the answer..huhuhu....(dramatic la plak..hahaha..)
i really don't know his name but i really wanna know his name..but at the end of my studies in matriculation i didn't know his name..
finally..yesterday after my searching to find that guy in any of my friend list i found him..!!!omedeto to my self..hihi...i can't put his name here....too afraid...
why am i too curious to find this guy??maybe simply because his appearance look like my big bro..and not like a matsujun..just a normal malay guy..
why did i say he look like my big bro..coz..he love to play big bro like rugby during his MRSM in kulim...and plus this guy also from MRSM...hihi..
hope maybe one day i might find out the answer..INSYA ALLAH...(^^)


Light of honor said...

nad minat budak rugby??? hehe

polaris star* said...

hihi..sbb bdn diorg ley thn gak la..

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