Tuesday, May 18, 2010


assalamualaikum..kombanwa...guten abend...
i just hate 'kak ti''s not people's name..i used this name when i met a mouse..i just hate it..coz it too big...this moussie is ain't cute...this moussie i always see it in my kampung(granfather's house).but the size is smaller compared with i saw today..huhuhu...i think even the cats might scared to capture this creature..huhuhu...(T.T)..
i really want to blame to the people who live in neighbourhood..coz their management in handling the garbages..imagine..ada ke patut tempat letak tong sampah tu kat kwsn terbuka dan tong tu senang la nk karat last2 tong tu bocor..
dgn tmpat nye bukan tertutup,sennag la 'kakti2' tu nk cri their sizes getting bigger in time to time..seriously..
ak tnye gak kt parents ak..are they talking about this matter during the AGM...they said they did discussing about..but all i see is managing the pest pown kate xde peruntukan..
xkan la smpai ad kes penyakit kencing tikus tu br nk ambik action...x abes nk spending duit tu ngan baju n makanan...tu yg x abes2..pastu ngan cabutan bertuah nk dptkan hamper..
ak geram tol la..
in the future, if my dad talk about the meeting is going to be held again..i'll talk with my dad again to mention about this..
idon't care...
sometimes, ak malu gak nk bawa mmber ak mai umah ak ngan ad sampah dilonggokkan dlm tong sampah yg dh bocor tu kt depan..amik pown brape kali la sangat..pastu..the lori sampah ni selalu sangat bocor ngan air sampah's totally gross..seriously shit!!huhuhu..
that's why i plan that in the future..i would like to design a lorry which green to our environment and ale to provide power supply n sell them..ssh2 ak bukak business like alam flora..ak nk make sure after used the lorry, they must wash them...macam ak tgk dlm dirty jobs kt discovery channel..org2 tu bekerja siap basuh kan alat yg mereka gunakan untuk mengelakkan pest(kakti2)ni mai..huhuhu..i wish kt m'sia pown mcm tu..
btol la mcm sensei ak ckp...buat mende2 sume nk kebersihan mmg amat menyedihkan..walaupon la negara maju kt jpon kalo diorg 'melabur' kat tandas x cebok lpas 'melabur' mcm kte kt cni plus their toilet far more canggih drp m'sia as their x gne paip getah cm kte(itu ak kes skit la..sbb payah nk cebok nnti..).but at least, diorg tau nk handaling the garbages tu mcm mne..
that's what i respect about doesn't mean i don't respect m'sia...but the attitude is really important that makes me realize how important it is..huhuhu...
as the conclusion you all just pandai2 la fikir2 kan n renung2kan...
that's all from me...i only hope,have a faith and pray to Him...


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