Friday, July 15, 2011

seminar memperkasakan generasi muda uitm 2011 (SMGM)


on the 1st july till 3rd july, i joined a program in UiTM Shah Alam. the program was "SEMINAR MEMPERKASAKAN GENERASI MUDA"

the program was for our brothers and sisters from two different districts in different states, which were; Pekan (Pahang) and Sembrong (Johor). these two districts were from DS Najib and DS Hishamuddin respectively districts...and it was a volunteering program for the SPM and STPM's students 2011.

actually i didn't really the activities they had done there. but i know you might guess the program probably for the 'kecemerlangan' purpose like:motivational, technique for answering the paper and etc....however, i have my own second thought.the program was also about for getting the closeness between different races for the sake future's nation...yeah, at the end of the closing ceremony there were murals was drawn by the students.from the era colonization till vision 2020.i love the mural in era of 70's..the picture was really, my adiks won in that go girls!!!

my purpose of being there was for being kakak angkat.=sister to the student.each group were given 5-6 students....luckily i got 5...hehe...pretty experienced right???me and my friend also shared our adik2...hihi....they were pretty sporting.phew...hihi~that was so relieved....

other than that, i also found few enzyme that can boost up my spirit to stand there for a long know what i mean right...instead of, i got adik2..i also got my new crushes....wakaka...ok crushes.a lot right???wakaka....well, actually they were only two people that i crushed..and fortunately, they were from medicine and electrical engineering faculties...well, hello people!!!we're neighbour!!!hak3...but, we never met each other...waakkakaka...what a pity huh???

after two years for not having a trully crush...i happily to say that i was enjoyed to experience that feeling again...i was thought that i wouldn't had a chance any more..wakaka...what a statement..:p...hehehe.....i also gave few nicknames to my crushed...(sempat ajer..)..'the green lantern' and ' dong woon b2st'....hahahha~

as the last word from me, i really enjoyed that program...and i 'm already miss all my adik2...ALL THE BEST PEOPLE!!!!SPM AND STPM...(^^)v
P/S----->>>>>jom kita enjoy video ni....

dan juga

kita bersahabat selamanya yea..:)


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