Sunday, July 25, 2010

***~D DAY***~

assalamualaikum..kombanwa..guten abend..

on the 17th july me and my best friend spent our weekend together by watching Twilight saga-eclipse.
the date was fun..really fun!!hahaha...but we didn't take many pictures..huhuhu...sorry camera's phone is not cool enough to take pictures...if only if brought the camera..that day will be phantastic..hehehe...
ah..well..the most important is we had our time together after 2 years we haven't got any chances to spend some time together..hehehe...and i also not forget to two guys that came together on that Nain told me we were on double date!! with dalila while nain with yusri..wakaka...really funny!!
however i can upload the picture here...coz the pictures are not cool enough to be put on this blog..huhuhuh...biane...sumimase...entschuldigung...
after watching movie..girls went to shopping while the boys were spending their time to fill their empty 'tank'...hihihi..i bought my new watch-Casio and a new bag for school hehehe....

later, we went to dinie's school in seseri....hehehe...she's cute as always..hehehe...and look a young lady that ready to be married wakakaka~sorry dinie..hihihi..

lastly,i would to thank to uncle for sending me home and to you my dear bestie friend...thank you so much!!(^^)V..luv you so much..Muahxx!!<3<3<3

p/s:sbb mse ni tgh dgr lgu ni..hahaha~


Light of honor said...

nad, when you have free time do email me the pictures bole?? I havent update my blog yet...i might find some free time later...been busy with my games :P..anyway ur post is so sweet lke ur smile :P cewah mengayat nad nih ;)

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